My Story

If you had met me 10 years ago, you would have seen someone that is markedly different than the person you see today. I was nearly 100 pounds overweight. I waddled when I walked. I was out of breath when I climbed a flight of stairs. After a recent doctor’s appointment, I learned I was hypertensive and pre-diabetic. I was living at the heaviest extreme of my life.

As I saw a dismal reality laid out before me, I resolved to live differently. A local gym was doing a weight loss challenge and I signed up. In six week, I lost 26.5 pounds. Given that outcome, what do you think I did? I did another one! I did three weight loss challenges back-to-back and did two more with other organizations at the same time. What I didn’t know then, but know now is that I was over training and I was exhausted. You can’t compete with the results though. In 9 months time, I lost 85 pounds. At 147 pounds I was living at the opposite extreme.

While I was clearly out of any health related danger, my mother told me I looked emaciated. My body was starving.

Unlike many, I kept the weight off for several years. Yes, the weight has begun to reappear, as I long for balance.

My story is not unique. In fact, the National Weight Control registry will tell you that between 80%-90% of individuals that have lost significant weight of 10% or more gain the weight back. Many preventable illnesses and diseases come back with the weight. With 66% of our population being overweight or obese, how do we turn the tide on this? How do we solve for obesity? How do we live well?

I believe it starts with gaining clarity on your goals and building healthy habits to support your goals. I help busy professionals gain clarity on what they want and help them build healthy habits that enable them to live well. The ability to live well is built one habit at a time. Together we can accomplish your wellness goals. Shall we get started?


First thing about Ann is that she made me feel comfortable to work with her. She patiently provided time and space for me to mull things through in my head during our sessions, which I appreciate a lot! Her sharp observations resulted into simple yet powerful questions, which have guided me into many useful insights and action steps. She is someone who stays true to her core values and strengths and I believe those traits will benefit her clients to find and utilize theirs as well.” –Sarah A.

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