Shifting your Mindset

Mindset effects everything about our lives – how we think and feel, how we react and how we see the world. Mindset impacts whether we see ourselves as successful and whether we consider ourselves to be happy. It should go without saying then that if we want to achieve specific goals and aspirations, mindset will be a crucial component to support the journey. In fact, if we don’t have the right mindset, we may be held back or we may not achieve our goals at all.

So how do we impact our mindset? It’s a good question. Science suggests that we can train our mindset. Much like exercise trains the muscles, mindset can also be trained with the right behaviors and the right discipline.

  • What type of self-talk do you have? Do you feel that you are not worthy of achieving your goals? Or you’re not strong enough? Or you don’t know how?. Change your internal dialogue by saying words of affirmation. Even if you don’t immediately believe them, you will. Research indicates that a shift in your internal dialogue will shift your perspective, behavior and outcomes
  • How do you talk about yourself to others? Are you putting yourself down? Do you ever cast yourself in a not-so-positive light to other people? Avoid phrases such as “I’m always like this” or “I always do this.” Instead talk about what is going well. This will help shift your mindset. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to remind yourself of what is going well and why you are thankful
  • Consider the mindset of someone that has achieved a similar goal. What mindset do you think they would have had to reach that goal? Act as if you already have that mindset.
  • What behaviors and habits do you need to adopt to support your goal? What is your plan for adopting those habits and behaviors?

Training your mindset takes focus and work, but the benefits are that you can achieve your goals. Reach out for a consultation if I can further support you in training your mindset.


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